AJK Tailgate Trucks

At AJK Engineering, our expert technicians have designed a series of ultra-efficient, durable tailgates for lorry’s and trucks, capable of supporting loads of 800 to 3000 kilo’s.

Used in a variety of industries and an exceptionally useful piece of equipment, a professionally designed tailgate doesn’t interfere with dock loading, while allowing the same high dock-level lorry or truck to make ground deliveries.

The AJK Tailgate Truck

Our series of professionally designed tailgates consist of expertly engineered lifts that allow for much higher weight capacities and deeper, safer and more convenient platform loading areas. Using a reliable hydraulic system, our lorry tailgates make the loading and unloading of any commercial truck, a breeze, and at competitive prices and with our quality guarantee, they’re a must have for any company dealing with transport cargo.

To know more about our exclusive range of in-house designed power tailgates, full range of products, or to discover more about our repair and service packages, visit us in store or call up a member of our knowledgeable team today.