CPS Hook Lift

CPS hook lifts are built to last, and demonstrate enormous endurance and power; two elements essential for a hook lift that can perform its role successfully day after day, year after year.

Our CPS Hooklift Trucks

At AJK Engineering, we work only with those brands that have consistently proved themselves with their high-quality, durable and reliable products, and as such, are proud to distribute them to our loyal customers.

Our CPS flexible lifting systems are designed to be highly efficient when used for high volume waste/scrap, demolition, mining, containerized equipment handling, construction and a variety of public services, and perform consistently well when required to demonstrate extreme precision and strength.

With fast loading and unloading cycles and a powerful lifting capacity, CPS hook lifts can be used in even the toughest of applications, and with their superior security stabilizers and additional hydraulic locking, you won’t find a better hook lift for the job.

3 popular applications for CPS hook lift trucks:

Container handling

Made of high-quality steel, the reliability and hydraulic power of CPS hook lifts guarantee their safety and security, and makes them the ideal choice for the fast and flexible loading and unloading of containers, whatever the conditions.

Dump truck transport

When looking for a dependable and safe hook lift to be used for environmental and construction waste management, CPS hook lifts are perfect for the job, and function consistently well in a variety of applications.

Recycling management

Time, speed and reliability are essential elements of a successful waste and recycling company, and with competition fierce within the industry, CPS hook lifts can help such companies deal effectively with heavy lifting and transportation of a variety of materials.

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