Repair and Services

Our team of highly trained and skilled engineers at AJK Engineering, have worked hard to establish a reputation in Singapore as the go-to company for the repair and service of all truck mounted equipment, such as lorry cranes, hook lifts and tailgates.

Repairs at AJK Engineering

With our high-tech, fully equipped service and repair center, our engineers and technicians use a combination of skill, ingenuity and the latest technology to carry out repairs to the very highest standard, on a variety of truck mounted products. Because we understand just how inconvenient and stressful, not to mention costly it can be when a piece of equipment breaks, gets damaged or simply malfunctions, we strive to carry out all repairs swiftly, to ensure that you can get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible.

The importance of regular maintenance

Maintaining any type of industrial equipment regularly is the most effective way to prevent future malfunctions, and to ensure that it continues to perform as it should, for as long as possible, and it’s no different with truck mounted equipment. You’ve invested money in your equipment, and it simply makes good business sense to try and preserve it to make your investment worthwhile, and to ensure that you can carry on using it for the benefit of your business, for many years to come.

At AJK Engineering, we offer several maintenance packages that will help your equipment continue to perform outstandingly well for you, and our expert technicians are always on hand to offer tips and guidance to help you care for your equipment in between services.

To preserve the truck mounted equipment that you’ve worked hard to purchase, we highly recommend regular servicing, and for more detailed information about how often you should get your equipment serviced, you can talk to our friendly technicians, who will be happy to advise you.

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