Stability Control System (SCS)

What is a Stability Control System? (SCS)

Technology such as a Stability Control System, or SCS, helps to make crane use much safer for operators, and as such, safer for anyone working in close proximity to the crane. Able to detect the position of outriggers and compute a safe operating zone, the SCS system intervenes to bring the lorry crane back to the safe zone if it is extended beyond its parameters, by the operator. This technology helps to prevent the crane from toppling over and causing harm to others and/or damage to property, and is an essential element of a safe, working environment.

What are the benefits of a Stability Control System?

The main benefit of an SCS system is that it makes cranes much safer to work with, and can help prevent crane related accidents. In fact, the Singapore Authorities have recently taken steps to encourage more crane contractors to use the technology, in an effort to raise workplace health and safety standards within the crane industry.

Designed to prevent a crane from tipping over, the systems sensors and electronic controller board continually monitor the stability of the crane and enable it to function only if the vehicle is 100% stable.

Simple to use and highly effective, a Stability Control System is essential for the safety of all cranes

What are the benefits of a Stability Control System?

The Minister of State for Manpower in Singapore, Mr Zaqy Mohamed, stated back in January of 2020 that crane operations needed to be made safer, and that this would be achieved by increasing the use of technology and improving workplace health and safety guidelines within the industry.

Six government agencies (the HDB, JTC, LTA, MOH, N-Park and PUB) have since agreed to adopt tender requirements for all new and existing lorry cranes to be fitted with SCS systems, and it’s hoped that by the 1st June, with specifications included in procurement documents, all cranes at all work sites will be using such a system.

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