Regular Crane Maintenance

For anyone working in the construction industry (and indeed, many other industries, too), it’s common knowledge that cranes are a vital item of equipment, and as such, should be treated with respect and used in adherence to all relevant health and safety guidelines. Used in a variety of applications, from commercial, residential and commercial, they make the lifting and moving of heavy items from one place to another, effortless, but only when they’re maintained and serviced regularly.

Ensuring your crane complies with industry standards

Anyone caught using a crane that doesn’t comply with the relevant industry standards, may not only face a hefty penalty, but risk having the entire workplace closed down indefinitely; certainly not good for business. Aside from the fact that you could face a whole host of legal issues for any non-compliance, a crane that hasn’t been properly serviced – and as such, may not be operating safely and efficiently – could cause serious harm to individuals operating it or working within the vicinity.

The consequences of a faulty crane injuring someone doesn’t bear thinking about, and if you ensure that your crane receives regular, professional maintenance, you won’t have to think about it.

Why is regular crane maintenance important for other reasons?

You’ve doubtless invested a lot of money in your crane, making it in your best interests (and those of anyone operating the crane) to get it serviced regularly in order to preserve its functionality and longevity. Regular inspections and maintenance work not only keep you and your crane compliant with the law, but can help ensure that your crane needs less repair work carried out on it over the years, saving you money in the long run.

An inoperative crane costs you money for every day, if not every hour that it isn’t able to be used, meaning that you could lose a significant sum while you wait for it to be repaired. Regular maintenance helps eliminate this risk, and is always recommended.

Who should maintain and service your crane?

Only a qualified, certified crane technician is able to perform a legally compliant service or maintenance check on your crane; cutting corners or trying to save costs by using someone who isn’t fully qualified, is a decision you’re guaranteed to regret, and one that could cost you more than just the price of your crane.

A certified technician will inspect each and every component of your crane and once they’ve thoroughly assessed it, will issue you with a certificate of approval to state that the crane is functioning safely and efficiently, and is fit for purpose. If repairs or upgrades are required, these will be recommended in their report and should be carried out at the earliest.

Many reputable companies offer a variety of servicing and maintenance packages, each of which can be customized to suit the kind of crane in question. To preserve the longevity and effectiveness of your crane, talk to a certified technician today about arranging a customized maintenance program to suit your specific needs.